The scope of projects undertaken by PWR covers the entire range of
consumer research techniques:

• Advertising Pre-Testing
• Advertising/Brand Image Tracking
• Concept Testing/Positioning Research
• Market Segmentation
• Product Testing
• Product/Brand Usage and Attitude Surveys
• Product/Brand/Corporate Image Surveys
• Psychographics
• Pricing/Price Sensitivity/Brand Price Trade Off
• Total Proposition Testing and Simulated Test Market Modelling
• Advanced Statistical and Modelling techniques
• Consultancy

Data collection methods include:
• Focus Groups
• Extended Focus Groups
• Depth Interviews / Paired Depths
• Face to Face (PAPI, CAPI, In-home, In-street, Central Location/Hall Tests, Theatre Tests,
Clinics, Citizens Juries etc.)
• Telephone (CATI)
• Web Based Self-Completion (CAWI)
• Postal Self-Completion

Global reach
Although much of PWR’s research is conducted in the UK, we also have extensive experience coordinating research internationally, including studies throughout Europe, in the USA and in Australia.

“Of particular importance to the LTA has been the annual study into Tennis Participation
  and Attitudes, managed by Paul Winstone Research since 1994. This important study
  has, over the years, helped the LTA shape its policies and given strategic direction to
  the activities of the organisation. PWR provides the LTA with research expertise which
  is highly valued.

  Stephen Holmes, Manager of Monitoring and Evaluation, Lawn Tennis Association

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