PWR’s approach stresses:
• Working to improve clients’ relationships with their current and potential customers
• Ownership of client's problems and working together as a team
• Managing the whole research process to keep the stress out of
commissioning and running research
• Providing actionable findings

The aim is always to provide the maximum value and insight from each and
every research project we conduct.

“With our recent expansion to cover broadcast as well as non-broadcast advertising
  complaints, our goal is to provide the most immediate and relative information to front
  line staff, to enable them to improve their decision making throughout all areas of the
  complaints process and to improve communications with both consumers and
  advertisers. Paul Winstone Research has for the past 10 years significantly assisted
  us in that process and continues to do so with the expansion of our regular Complaints
  Satisfaction Monitor to also include broadcast complaints.”

  Alan Chant, Development Director, Advertising Standards Authority