Paul Winstone Research is more than simply a research consultancy. It aims to provide:
• Tailor made consumer research solutions
• Fully integrated qualitative and quantitative methodologies
• The most appropriate research solutions for any research need
• Research with a human face, with the emphasis on working together with the client as a team

Crucially Paul Winstone Research provides:
• Senior involvement through every stage of the research
  – From proposal and approach
  – To questionnaire or focus group discussion guide development
  – Right through to analysis and clear, interpretive reporting of the findings
  – Finding the connections in the data
  – Building these into a complete and comprehensive picture of the salient research findings
• Based on over 20 years research experience across all major consumer market sectors

Essentially we bring data to life and making it actionable!

“Paul Winstone Research has, since 1993, successfully managed a variety of qualitative
and quantitative research projects for the LTA that have helped the LTA meet its
challenges in a crowded and competitive sports and leisure market place
  Stephen Holmes, Manager of Monitoring and Evaluation, Lawn Tennis Association